Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Thankful Tree

In the beginning of November, our Thankful Tree started off like this...

After a month of writing down things we are thankful for, these little Pilgrims completed the tree today!

{We are thankful for: food, the world, God, Jesus, the sun and moon, Mom, Dad, Grandma, the Bible, my toy dinosaur, video games, my home, clothes, our class, Miss Follett, my neighbor, baby animal book, my sister Hope, my brother Marc, my brothers Matthew & James, chicken fingers, the computer, my remote control race track, Jasper, my toy unicorn, chicken and fries, cotton candy, my race car game, my puppy Maggy, my yard, my family}

Months of the Year

What do you do while working on your Social Studies paper? Sing the Months of the Year song of course!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Roadside America & McDonalds

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Roadside America. As you can see from the sign below, it is considered the world's greatest indoor miniature village. :-) They just recently celebrated their 80th anniversary, so it has been around for awhile! The kids loved going around the room, pressing buttons to make different things move. Josh's sister and another new friend joined us for the day to make it even more fun!


It is always a tradition to get a picture in front of "Ma and Pa" before we leave!

We finished up our day with lunch at McDonald's. The kids had a blast in the playroom once they finished their happy meals. :-)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Franklin Institute

We went to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia yesterday. What a fun and busy day! We got to be part of both a Liquid Air show and the Science of Combustion show, and then we got to explore all over the museum.

Here are some bits and pieces of our day! We were moving around so fast that I didn't take quite as many pictures as I usually do! A few of these are borrowed from another teacher. :-)

Exploring the Air Force plane

I try to encourage working together as a team! Here they are trying to pump up a balloon as much as they can before the timer runs out. (They still have some work to do :-))

They are turning a train wheel and then hitting the brakes to see how quickly it makes the wheel stop!


One of the first things we did was walk through the Giant Heart - twice! This display has been around for a long time (I walked through it when I was in elementary school!) and is always the thing that kids remember the most about the Franklin Institute!


One of the newest areas is the Sports Zone room. The boys loved racing against the Philly Phanatic and trying out some surfing techniques - among other things! 

Faith and I were buddies all day :-)


Group picture to conclude our fun field trip!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fun in the Leaves!

We had some fun in the leaves outside on Wednesday. It was an unusually warm day for November, so we had to take advantage of it!!!