Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Shopping!

This afternoon we went Christmas shopping at a nearby dollar store. Each student had 3 people they could buy something for. During this Christmas season, we wanted to focus on the spirit of GIVING rather than the spirit of getting. Most of the students were buying presents for Mommies, Daddies, and Grandparents. Some were also buying for friends, so we had to make sure we guarded our shopping baskets so certain people couldn't peek!

They were each able to buy 3 gifts because they all earned 3,000 merits in school. You get merits for getting your work done, quoting Bible verses, getting 100% on your tests, showing character etc. 

This shopping event went really smoothly, for which we were all thankful! When it was first mentioned as a possibility, we weren't sure how we all felt about it. ;-) Organization was the key though!

Wrapping paper, tape and tags were also purchased, so when we got back to school, each group could wrap their presents. I think it is safe to say that everyone is officially in the Christmas spirit now! :-)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Farewell Fish Party!

You may remember our class pet from last year, Mr. Jasper Smiles? He joined us again this school year. His place of honor was on the testing table in the middle of the Elementary Learning Center.

With the winter months quickly approaching us, I really didn't want to arrive at school one day and find the poor guy frozen stiff. I decided that I would take him home for the winter months where I had better control of room temperature. :-)

Because I was taking him home, we decided to have a goodbye party for Jasper yesterday. (So much better than a funeral!) The students have grown quite attached to the little guy, and the older ones were always excited when it was their turn to feed him.

We went all out for this party! In the morning we went down to the kitchen and made blue Jell-O, putting it in a fish bowl (a BRAND NEW one!). Each student got to stir and dump something in the bowl. About an hour or 2 later we added Swedish fish to "swim" around in the blue Jell-O.

While the kiddos did their schoolwork, I was down in the Kindergarten classroom decorating for the party - complete with blue balloons, green streamers, and party hats. Jasper even got his own place of honor!

Later in the day, the students came downstairs. We had so many fun activities planned, but unfortunately, not everything could get done. However, we did decorate our party hats with fish stickers, read a story called "A Fish Out of Water", play a game called "A Fish Out of Water", taste test different fish crackers, and enjoy the blue Jell-O with Swedish Fish. The students had all written notes to Jasper, but we ran out of time to read them to him. I will have to promise to read them to him later on. Oh the things we do for a fish!! He has no idea how much he is loved. :-) One of my favorite notes I helped one of the first graders compose goes like this:

"Dear Mr. Jasper Smiles,

Can you not get frozen this winter? I really really like you but you have to go now. I will miss you!"

You know you are a teacher when you are not ashamed to wear a party hat to a farewell party for a fish! :-)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Red Lobster

Every quarter we do something special with the students who get on honor roll. The first quarter of the school year ended last week, and all 14 students made it on honor roll!

Red Lobster has a special program they recently started for students, and so we took advantage of the opportunity. The students had a great time learning about Red Lobster and all the important responsibilities everyone has to make sure things run smoothly in the restaurant.

We got to meet Larry Lobster, wear hair nets, visit the kitchen area, scoop out biscuits, compete in a coloring contest, and best of all, enjoy a free lunch! It was a great learning experience for us all. :-)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Strawberry Acres

Today we went to Strawberry Acres for a field trip - not to pick strawberries, but to pick APPLES! We started off with learning about what happens to apple trees during the different seasons. Then "Johnny Appleseed" told us his life story. After the story was over, the students were asked some questions about him, and one of the questions was, "Why does he wear a pot on his head?" A first grader raised her hand, and stated, "Because he wants to cover his bald spot!" Hmmm....well, you never know. :-)

The best part of the day was taking a bumpy ride in an open air bus into the apple orchard. Each student could pick 3 apples to take home with them. The field trip was then concluded with petting some animals, and even feeding them some grass. What a beautiful fall day for a field trip!